In Sum,
- Neighbourhood restaurant in Hackney location.
- Weekly changing four-course food menu and drinks menu, the former fixed at £45. Plus, Optional beverage pairings.
- Small, yet perfectly formed, dining room.
- Perfect for groups or couples, although perhaps not for lone diners.
- Friendly and attentive staff who are happy to answer any questions.

In just two weeks,
is it possible for a restaurant to lose
a Michelin Star and 

be voted 2017's
Best Restaurant?

You bet it is.
Although, when it comes down to it, who cares about ratings.


I had been going on about Pidgin for months, avidly reading their weekly emails and admiring their amazing Instagram photos (scroll down for the photos of the dishes I ate), so I was  s u p e r  excited to be visiting.

For two people, the bill totted up to a not-so-bad £216.00 for:

  • 2 x cocktails
  • 2 x set menus with beverage pairings
  • 2 x digestifs
  • £1.00 charity donation
  • 12.5% service



the space is v. small – "oh, wow" small. the cover must be about 35-40 but it's cosy and the place buzzes in the most lively and pleasant way.
tables do not turn around quickly.


the beverage pairing is a must - set dishes with set drinks - why ever not?


if you're sitting in the right place, check out the small pass and observe the skilled plating taking place.
hen gasp in awe as your dish arrives.


make sure you visit the toilet to experience, what I would call...
vibes of Shakespeare's The Tempest
you'll see what I mean.

What the menu meant to me:

Pidgin Menu



Tucked between terraced houses, Pidgin is literally a neighbourhood restaurant.



On Wilton Way, keep your eyes peeled
for the bird foot beacon


*as coined by me
(see B&W photo above, right)


As I am no good at describing meals, here are the Restaurant's photos of the dishes. 
Plus, the photography is *DIVINE*, so there's no better thing to do than share them.

Potato and tapioca crisp, Thai green curry, confit potato, caviar, coconut

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Skate, mussels, fennel kimchi, butter sauce

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Chicken, crosnes, cibette onion, watercress mole, turnip

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