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New York Life

2018 is back! is back!

like a phoenix, rising from the ashes of the internet

Believe it or not, but my last substantial blog post was published on 1 April 2017. Yikes! Yes, I know, call me a deserter... But least I stayed to true to blogging, just not to, where I previously hosted my blog. For some reason, I found Wordpress stuffy, restrictive and, to an extent, stifling my creativity.

So, I jumped ship and voila! has regenerated to a slick and sexier version of itself, courtesy of my new web host,

It is early days but, so far, so good.

Naomi, "PositiveProv" – An Update

Hi, hello.

Yes, you know me: the girl with the lanky legs, frizzy curly hair and a goofy smile that reveals the gaps between her teeth.

I'm glad you recognise me now, because you wouldn't have done so back in the Spring. I'm not afraid or ashamed to say that I wasn't PositiveProv back then. I was "I'm-Alright-Prov". I lost my zest, my mojo, my piz-zaz! Not to fear, after a good few i.e. too many months, of being stuck in that rut, I've rid myself of the negativity I was enduring and I'm now working hard en route to basking in the good vibes again.

I'm back to

being me, doing me and impressing me

July, In Review

July, In Review