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November, In Review

November, In Review

Wow! November was such a fun a month!
From start to finish, I enjoyed it all.

While writing this review, the overall theme of the month clearly became apparent: FOOD. I don’t know what came over me, but I ate out SEVEN times this month - gosh!

Oh well, it’s all good prep for Christmas!




1st: An impromptu lunch

My friend from Sixth Form/"Home-Home" was down in London for a conference. So we decided to catch up over sandwiches in this underwhelming park just off Goodge Street. I eat there most days, so it was v. nice to have some company!

5th: A Good Ol' Family Roast

Great food, great company and great conversation. The perfect combination for a great evening, filled with laughter and warmth.



8th: AllBright Community Drinks

With a mission to make the UK the best place in the world to be a female founder, AllBright is right up there with the coolest things on my radar.

Next year they're opening up a female-only members club on the next street over from my office. I was so intrigued by their Virginia Woolf quote up on the billboard covering the future space, I checked them out right away.


Badge says:
"My secret power is...

Now, that would be telling!"

Saw they were having a drinks session to raise awareness of the AllBright brand and mission. Signed up immediately.

I'm now even more motivated to research into my business ideas. Now, I just to find more time!



10th: Dinner at (yet another) Neighbourhood Restaurant

This time, at Kitchen W8 in Kensington.
Good, not great; the full deets are all in my Date Yourself! post, here.

Also, if you're ever in need of a nice hotel in the Hyde Park/Paddington area, I highly recommend The Westbourne.


11th: Stylist Live

It was okay. I managed to catch AllBright's Debbie Wosskow's talk but apart from that: it was just okay. 

A glorified Ideal Home Exhibition, in my eyes.

The highlight of the day was actually my lunch at The Ivy Kensington. I had a salmon and smoked haddock fishcake (amazing; with crispy chips (also amazing) - I could not finish it - which is so 'un-me'. 


12th: The Best Work Day

My selling skills were assessed and I received a "very good".

I quote: I can't give you anything else but a very good.

Oxford Street, looking cute

Oxford Street, looking cute

A bit of a funny (odd-funny) one.

A bit of a funny (odd-funny) one.

I really enjoyed Kitchen W8, but at the same time, I was a bit underwhelmed.

The dining room was so opulent!

The dining room was so opulent!


13th: A (somewhat stressful) Day Off

My anticipated day off consisted of errands until 14:00, then a super chill afternoon. But oh, no.

The day consisted of errands until 14:00 (thought I was on to a winner there!) followed by situational and verbal reasoning tests, a video interview.*

*which to my dismay, resulted in a rejection the following day

14th: My First Two Michelin Star Meal! 

At the wonderfully quirky and also regal, Sketch. On my to-eat-at list, for what must a a year or more, I was so pleased to be eating at their Lecture Room.

The food (okay, the champagnes and wine) was so fabulous that I didn't make many notes but here is what I can recall:


16th: A Fab Lunch followed by a FAB Open Day

I was kindly allowed to have a half day, so I could prepare for a law firm open day. I decided to have a chilled late lunch at Portland of Great Portland Street. Yes, another "neighbourhood restaurant".


I had lamb on a squash purée with (white!) kale and elderberries. The lamb was perfectly pink and the earthy squash went great with the berries.

For dessert, I had a bergamot sort of panna cotta with burnt meringue – lovely!

Service was brilliant and the vibe was buzzing, even at 15:00.

17th: (uh-oh!) Another Fab Lunch

This time, with work colleagues; it's our monthly "thing": a "non-partner lunch".

We ate at the "institution" (what do I know?) that is Thai Metro, on Charlotte Street; it was very filling – huge portions! I couldn't manage my Pad Mee, but it was tasty all the same.

19th: Photoshoot with Sarah

Throwback to uni second and third year with the modelling vibes (also, R.I.P #NRWFW *sob*).

It was so fab to get back into the whole modelling thing – shoots are so fun! Particularly in the winter sun.

I can't wait to do more.

Looking cute while rushing about in Cambridge

Looking cute while rushing about in Cambridge


If you didn't take a photo of the pods, did you even go to Sketch?



Spent an afternoon at a wonderful law firm, learned loads, soaked up the vibes and managed to seriously impress.

Fingers crossed my application impresses too!

I can't quite believe I got up to so much.

Although, I think my dark circles show it!


22nd: An Evening of Jazz

At The University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge. It was a pleasant evening, not as "jazzy" as I had expected.

It was nice to check out the space, though. My friend from sixth form was volunteering and told me that the Museum is re-launching in Spring 201 - something to look out for.

23rd: Lunch at Mortimer House Kitchen

M.H.K. is based in Mortimer House: a super-duper cool members club-cum-co-working space-cum-gym just a couple of minutes walk from my office.

Amongst the indoor plants in a semi-industrial looking room, I had octopus with mash potato and harissa, with a side of (intense garlic breath inducing) tenderstem broccoli. It was worth it because it was delicious.

Oh, and a scoop of oh-so-trendy matcha ice-cream to round off the meal.

Service was swift and very attentive–almost too much, but it's a new place, so I let them off.

I think I'll go back soon for a post-work drink.


Charlotte Street Hotel

looking wonderfully festive.

25th: Thai Food, New Faces & A Boogie

More Thai food! I don't even like it that much but it seems to be faves of a lot of people.

27th: A Relaxing Day Off

Finally! I didn't even leave the house.




Reminiscing the not-so-old times, over cocktails and food served via trolley at Magpie, which is the younger sister restaurant to Pidgin.

Essentially, the waiting staff "pitch" the dishes to you and you pick and choose what you fancy. 

The cocktails are a bit hit and miss – luckily I chose two amazing ones: The State Bird (fruity) and The Big Whoop (tropical).

Whereas the Ouija Board and the Humphrey Bogart...

they'll put hairs on your chest!

If you're in Mayfair looking for casual dining yet imaginative food and great drinks, I definitely recommend Magpie. Plus, they just launched their new menu.


Cyber-shyness and a desire to put the "social" back into "social networking"

Cyber-shyness and a desire to put the "social" back into "social networking"

Date Yourself! @ Kitchen W8

Date Yourself! @ Kitchen W8