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Thank Goodness For 2018

Thank Goodness For 2018


Finally, a New Year! 

time to shed the negative 2017 and work on making 2018
a special year



the plus side.

+ Getting my paralegal job
+ Keeping my second job
+ Eating at such wonderful places
+ Improving my wardrobe
+ Getting a credit card
+ Going away to Sopwell House in August
+ Being accepted to the Allbright Club

The minus side.

- Break up
- Nasty people being nasty to me for no reason
- Going on holiday with three friends and returning with no friends
- The stress I felt during the post-holiday summer months
- Not celebrating my birthday
- Being treated as a child
- Being tired all the time


I'm so, so, over 2017.

This year has been one of, if not, the worst year, I have ever experienced.
Not wholly bad, but I'd say, 75% so.

I have previously been quite fortunate in the past, so I suppose I was 'due' a bad year – if that is even how it works. 

If so, then I don't want (and shouldn't be due) another bad year like this one for a good long time!

That being said, I don't necessarily believe in luck and fortune, but I think there is something along those lines at play.
Perhaps it was a 'stars and the moon' situation?

Whatever the reason may be, if there is one, I shan't dwell on it.


I also know I can't make these things happen, but I have the confidence and drive to attempt to make them happen.

I'm driven.

Driven to improve my wellbeing, my knowledge, and to engage and indulge in my interests and passions.

In a way, it all comes back to my mantra.


I've experienced a lot this year, good and bad.

It helped me learn and develop personally.

I am determined to make 2018 a year of greatness. Hence why I am preparing for it now.

Failing to plan, planning to fail, right?
No, thanks!

Well, planning is probably too rigid a word.

I know can't plan to achieve my goals, but I suppose I am shifting, no, guiding my approach to achieving what I want to achieve.


in 2018 there is going to be a greater focus on

Be You.

Do You.

Impress You.

Glass of champagne in hand, 

I'm so excited to hear it:

5... 4... 3... 2... 1...


I don't do "New Year Resolutions"; They're goals and pledges.


Goals are what I want to achieve (obviously) but more importantly, the things that, if I accomplish, will see myself ending the year happy. A lot easier said than done, but where is the fun in setting goals that you don't have to put in work for to achieve?

As for the latter, pledges, these are a new element to my New Year repertoire. Essentially, what I intend for them to act as are commitments; but not arduous ones, commitments that are a way of 'giving back' to myself in order to make me feel positive or to give me something to look forward to over the months.

During 2017, I lacked in self-care and as a result I felt the nasty effects. I'm not letting myself do that again, so 2018 will be the start of seeing myself being a bit more selfish and self-indulgent with my time.


FOR 2018


FOR 2018

To date, I have set four goals for 2018, all of which I think are reasonably, if not definitely achievable, and they should last me throughout the whole of the year.

  1. Receive a Training Contract offer
  2. Develop this website
  3. Go on holiday alone
  4. Be selected for a work-study programme abroad
  5. Spend more time learning about business and
  6. Make some *proper* friends;

There are one or two goals
which may not be as likely as others to occur,
but there's no harm in having aspirations, right?!


The pledges act as little things that, if I follow them, will benefit me greatly.

They're somewhat self-indulgent and I love them. Then again, the benefits will hopefully, enable me to stay happy and prevent how I felt in 2017 to occur.

  1. Eat less chocolate
  2. Drink more water
    (both in an attempt of clearing up my skin)
  3. Save more money
  4. Eat out alone once a month
    (see Date Yourself!)
  5. Do one thing *for me* a month
    (e.g. get nails or hair done, have a massage)
  6. Go to music concerts agai


I'm ending 2017 on a real low point.

Not as bad as the summer, though. As long as I don't feel like that again, I'll be hypothetically "happy".

I'm not afraid or ashamed to say that I am unhappy.
I don't think the year ahead could possibly be any worse than now.

Although, saying that, I'm sure I am now testing myself and 'fate' to dish out something I really could do without.

They say a new year can be a new beginning, sowing the seeds and all that...

They say a new year can be a new beginning, sowing the seeds and all that...

2018? Bring it on.

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