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January and February, in review

January and February, in review

Jan and Feb were the most up and down months! 
Good and bad.
Happy and sad.

All the emotions were there; although not in equal proportions.

I often found myself thinking
"C'mon 2018! I have high hopes for you and so far, I'm not getting much of the good stuff!"

Thank goodness March is here and I can (somewhat) feel like I am starting afresh...


Jan was ok.

Failed at dating, went on holiday, caught the flu.

Feb was just alright.

Failed at dating again, went to Edinburgh, work stressed me out.

While you read, listen to THESE:


Week 1:

  • Went on a date; casual vibes; just a couple of G&Ts.
    It went well.
    Next day: I received the "You're a lovely person but..." message.
  • Gave up on dating for the month.

PositiveProv, making the hard hat trendy since AW17

PositiveProv, making the hard hat trendy since AW17

Week 2: 

  1. I did some hand modelling for the fabulous hair and nail salon that is Dry By London – if you haven't heard of them then feast your eyes on their fabulous Instagram.
  2. A fabulous and very rare day of socialising!

    A fab lunch at Brasserie Blanc – never been to one of them before but I would highly recommend it – at least the one on Charlotte Street!

    Then, I went to the All Bright's Hard Hat Party, to check out the forthcoming Club space. It was fabulous to meet such inspiring and engaging ladies and I am soooo excited for the opening in early March!

    Finally, even more socialising! I went for a fab dinner at Buddha Bar and was umm... entertained(?) by some questionable/interesting belly dancing.

Week 3:

  1. I went on holiday to Portugal! 5 days of sun, sea and FOOD! Oh my goodness. I ate so much!

    All-inclusive holidays are totally the way forward – food and drink whenever you want, at not extra cost! How have I lived to the grand age of 22 without an all-inclusive holiday I shall never know.

    Moreover, an all-inclusive holiday in January! I never got why people went on holiday in January and now I realise it is like, the perfect time for a holiday! Escaping the cold of England (although Portugal wasn't hot, but at least it was sunny with blue skies) and enjoy some chill time post-Christmas and New Year shenanigans. We're already looking for 2019's Jan break!

Week 4:

  1. Talk about post-holiday blues.
    Well, I ended up catching the flu!
    Not cool. A couple of days off and then catching up on all my work emails – a dull week.

Week 5:

  1. I had a casual Date Yourself this month; a lunch date at the newly opened Greyhound Café.
    It was very poor.
    I still need to do the write-up for that... it was so bad that I'm not motivated to get it done.
    But I shall, because all I keep seeing is rave reviews; don't believe the hype, my friends.


I, for the first time ever, wrote a review on OpenTable!

I never ever do that but I'm totally getting into this whole thing! More over Giles Coren!


Week 1:

  • Started again on the dating scene.
    Went on a very casual date to a museum.
    It was pleasant.
    As good as a museum date could be.
    Didn't receive an awkward text the next day.
    Pleased it went better than previous attempt.

Left - trying (and failing) to be cute sending snaps to my date
Right - trying on Saint Laurent glasses in Liberty. I want a mirrored lens pair but can't decide on the frame style. 
I don't think this is a look. What do you think?

Week 2:

  • Date no. 2!
    Dinner this time. A great date, better than the last.


Week 3:

  1. Date no. 3.
    And they say 3 is supposed to be a magic number!
    Well, if that is so, in this case 3 was an epiphany for me to realise that I shouldn't compromise on what I am seeking.
    It was me sending the awkward text this time. Second failed attempt at dating in as many months. Sigh.
  2. In other news, I sent a training contract application at 2am with a ballsy and, quite frankly, a laugh-inducing covering letter.
    All my stuffy formal cover letters never portrayed any personality, so I went with something different.
    Let's hope it is well-received...
  3. Had a long weekend in Scotland. It was great and surprisingly, not freezing cold! I visited Edinburgh, Stirling and Loch Lomond – all the sights!
    All I did was shop, drink flat whites and argue with my Mum - but it was good nonetheless.
    I have to visit Edinburgh again (minus my Mother) it's the coolest place. I've been making lists of places [read: restaurants and wine bars] to visit.

Grabbed a coffee from this cool café in Edinburgh – my eye spied some amazing looking avo on toast.

I'll be heading there next time I'm up, for sure...

Hopefully AoT is still trendy ha!


Week 4:

  1. I was soooo stressed!
    Work was incredibly busy and overwhelming!
    Court stuff, cease and desist letters, TM applications – it was all going on.
    I need to learn how to deal with stress because I feel the negative effects it has on me.
  2. Catch up with friends at Bill's.
    I don't think I'll ever go to any Bill's again.
    The 20% JL discount won't even sway me.
    Riddle me this, the waiter said they had "no eggs" to make poached eggs but had plenty of eggs for scrambled and fried.
    I was sitting there like "Don't test me mate".
    We got our (poorly) poached eggs.
  3. Snow.
    So much snow.
    Too much snow.
    I almost perished!
    Thank goodness for working remotely, in comfort of my home with fully stocked cupboards of tea, coffee and Scottish shortbread ha!
The highlight of going to Bill's was that I finally found out where this is!

The highlight of going to Bill's was that I finally found out where this is!

Jan and Feb were pretty average months, but with some good bits sprinkled in. Onwards and upwards to March! My diary is full with events and things to look forward to. 

I am hoping and praying the weather improves because I really ain't got time for this snow.

Plus, I am so ready to start wearing pastels and florals! Where is Spring?!

(Don't) Date Yourself! @ Greyhound Café

(Don't) Date Yourself! @ Greyhound Café

December, In Review

December, In Review