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December, In Review

December, In Review

December was pretty fun, as always.

For one thing, it was also sooo relaxing; I had a whopping 11-day break from commuting, with only two second-job-shifts in between. Not too bad.

In addition to well-earned rest, I caught up with old friends, made many plans for 2018, got my life admin in order (yessss!) and naturally, introduced some new fashion pieces into my wardrobe.


Lunchtime pop into the wonderful Heal's of Tottenham Court Road.

It was so festive!

I need to go back when I have more time – I heard they have a lovely café up those gorgeous spiral stairs.


The Work Christmas Party/Meal

After much deliberation, I decided on this outfit and I loved it. I paired it with a black velvet blazer and it looked FABULOUS!

The meal and wine was lovely, too. We ate at Pescatori, a seafood restaurant on Charlotte Street – I would definitely recommend it if you're looking to escape Oxford Street for good food.


Penguins at The Mandrake Hotel.
Yes, real penguins.

The fab hotel next door to my office had an event for their 'neighbours' feat. mulled wine, Santa and four cute penguins.

Song of the Month


Festive Vibes

I am sucker for a cute doorway and even more so when adorned with a lovely wreath! This one was at Fitzroy Square, one of the lovely spots nearby to my office.


Another month, another copy of Monocle

However, this month was a double helping as their annual Forecast was released.


Another cute ensemble!

Vintage velvet midi dress paired with knee high boots and my new Gucci belt. I wore this for a Christmas dinner at this quaint pub in the middle of nowhere.

One-bar-of-signal in the middle of no where. 

Didn't-know-what-a-flat-white-was in the middle of no where. Eek!

Here's to the end of 2017 and the start of a New Year full of new opportunities. Thank you to all whom have read my posts on here and watched my IG stories. I am very grateful.

January and February, in review

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Thank Goodness For 2018

Thank Goodness For 2018