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The Author


Twenty-something with lanky legs, frizzy curly hair and a smile that reveals equidistant gaps between her teeth.

Originally from rural Cambridgeshire, England, currently living just outside of New York City.

Spending her days navigating New York law and sampling the best happy hours the Big Apple has to offer.

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The Website

PositiveProv.com is a digital scrapbook.

Consisting of expressions of a personality digitally cut, pasted, glued, blu-tac-ed and sellotaped to this space of the worldwide web.

From addressing the perils of dating in the millennial age, to reflecting on work-life balance and sub-par meals, PositiveProv.com is a bit of everything: just as a personality is. It's not limited to one interest or medium, it's multifaceted.


The Motto


Be You. 

Do You.

Impress You.


BE you.

Because it's the one thing you're the only one true expert of. 

Embrace your quirks, stay true to your principles and derive happiness from your own sources.

Forget relying on others to support or produce your happiness. Want go for lunch but your friend is flaking? Take yourself. Enjoy your own company, be at one with your personality.

Do you.

Unashamedly do what makes you happy and don't let a others' potentially unfavourable opinions prevent you form doing so.

Who cares if people stare at your odd shoes and who gives if you sing badly aloud in the street?

Don't let others stifle your happiness and enjoyment.

Impress you.

If you Be You and Do You, you will ultimately Impress You. 

There is nothing more fulfilling that self-satisfaction.

You're not here to impress others: be genuine, stay true to your personality, achieve your goals–impress yourself. This may, in turn, impress others. But if it doesn't, who really cares? Not you.