I will be honest with you: I’m a perfectionist; I hate being stagnant and I’m my own worst critic. My blog is not and was not, to some extent, what I want it to be. As a result, I lost interest in blogging. I did not want to get to the point of churning out half-hearted posts that I wasn’t 100% content with. So, I am taking some time out to seek inspiration. I don’t know what my source will be or how long it will take to find it but, when it hits me, I’ll be ready: ready to absorb it and expel it in the form of interesting and engaging content. Lacking inspiration is frustrating but it’s all part of the development process. Patience, persistence and of course,positivity✰ are keeping me curious and motivated.

If you’d like to get in touch with me while I’m away from here, hello@positiveprov.com is your port of call.